If a treasure hoard includes gemstones, you can use the following tables to randomly determine the kind of gemstones found, based on their value. You can roll once and assume all the gems are the same, or roll multiple times to create mixed collections of gemstones.

50gp Gemstones:
d12 = 5

Citrine (transparent pale yellow-brown)

50gp Gemstones
d1250gp Gemstones
1Bloodstone (opaque dark gray with red flecks)
2Carnelian (opaque orange to red-brown)
3Chalcedony (opaque white)
4Chrysoprase (translucent green)
5Citrine (transparent pale yellow-brown)
6Jasper (opaque blue, black, or brown)
7Moonstone (translucent white with pale blue glow)
8Onyx (opaque bands of black and white, or pure black or white)
9Quartz (transparent white, smoky gray, or yellow)
10Sardonyx (opaque bands of red and white)
11Star rose quartz (translucent rosy stone with white star-shaped center)
12Zircon (transparent pale blue-green)