In places where civilization rules or once ruled, adventurers might find monuments built to honor great leaders, gods, and cultures. Use the Monuments table for inspiration, or randomly roll to determine what monument the adventurers stumble upon.

d20 = 18

Intact circle of standing stones

1Sealed burial mound or pyramid
2Plundered burial mound or pyramid
3Faces carved into a mountainside or cliff
4Giant statues carved out of a mountainside or cliff
5-6Intact obelisk etched with a warning, historical lore, dedication, or religious iconography
7-8Ruined or toppled obelisk
9-10Intact statue of a person or deity
11-13Ruined or toppled statue of a person or deity
14Great stone wall, intact, with tower fortifications spaced at one-mile intervals
15Great stone wall in ruins
16Great stone arch
18Intact circle of standing stones
19Ruined or toppled circle of standing stones
20Totem pole