Mount Up!

Mount Up! is a module for Foundry VTT that allows tokens to carry or be carried by other tokens.


Easy to use with no macros or scripts required. This works best if the "mount" token is owned by the player of the "rider" token.

To Mount Up! Simply:

  1. Select two tokens, one to be the rider and one to be the mount
  2. Right click on the mount to bring up the token HUD
  3. Click the "mount" button - the rider will be placed on top of the mount and they are now linked

To dismount:

  1. Right click again on the mount and click the dismount button. The tokens are no longer linked.




All customization options can be performed in "Module Settings"

The module is completely system agnostic, and fully customizable to fit right into your game. Multiple customization options include:

HUD Icon
  • - A horse
  • - Carrying
  • - Hands
  • - Hands Holding
  • - Fist
  • - Handshake
  • Whether or not to show a message in chat whenever a token mounts or dismounts
  • Customize the chat message, including populating the name of the mount and rider


It's always better and easier to install modules through in in app browser. Just search for "Mount Up!"

To install this module manually:

  1. Inside the Foundry "Configuration and Setup" screen, click "Add-on Modules"
  2. Click "Install Module"
  3. In the "Manifest URL" field, paste the following url:
  4. Click 'Install' and wait for installation to complete
  5. Don't forget to enable the module in game using the "Manage Module" button